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Timothy Cohn

Date of Surgery: 1/23/2020
Update (2/2021): Timothy has made a limitless career return to guiding.

About Timothy

I grew up in the North East skiing & snowboarding, I was introduced to climbing as a teenager and followed my passion for the mountains West after high school to my current home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Career Background

I was offered a position guiding with Exum Mountain Guides while working with Teton Gravity Research skiing in my adopted backyard of Grand Teton National Park. I’ve since achieved certifications through the AMGA in the Rock & Ski disciplines and my new ACL and I intend to finish the IFMGA certification process and the Alpine Exam in the Fall of 2021. I guide skiing and climbing trips around the US and Canada and have continued working with TGR guiding for film-making expeditions in Alaska and teaching avalanche and snow safety workshops for production staff and athletes.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

2020 kicked off with a bang, actually more of a pop. On 12/29/19 while skiing on a green run with my Mom on her birthday I ruptured my ACL. Thanks to the support of the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation I was able to travel to The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO and receive the best care available here on planet earth. Dr. Tom Hackett repaired my knee using a BPTB autograft and I spent 2-weeks in Vail after surgery working daily with the team of world class PT’s at Howard Head Sports Medicine. I continued my PT for 5 more months in Jackson and made two more trips to Vail for follow up visits with Dr. Hackett and return to sports testing with Helen Bradley, PT. After 4 months of PT I also began more conventional strength training 2/week and have continued to date. I returned to guiding rock climbs 6 months after surgery and was guiding alpine climbs just two weeks later. Now, 10 months along I’ve made a full return to guiding. I’m back on my skis climbing and skiing steep couloirs in the backcountry. However, it may be a little while longer before I’m ready to return to the icy flats of Crested Butte.


"Without the financial support of the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation my recovery would not be where it is today. I was afraid to even go to the doctor after my injury for fear of the financial ramifications and stubbornly continued to ski guide the day after my injury. Removing the financial barriers allowed me to recover like a professional athlete. Although I carry a pretty good health insurance plan, the coverage is simply inadequate to recover with the level of care I received thanks to the significant financial support from KBF. As cliche as it sounds, getting injured has been a journey that has taught me more than any other. Having the financial resources available to commit 110% to healing, learning, and overcoming the many setbacks and challenges in my healing process has taken what could have been a life and career altering disaster and turned it into a truly positive life experience that has taught me lessons I will carry forever. Many reading this are likely injured, as I was when I found these testimonials. I wish you all the best on your road to recovery. This is a truly amazing organization, I’m so grateful for the support and I encourage you to pursue this amazing resource. Thank you to the Brenninkmeyer family for choosing to support Alpine professionals and recognizing the value we provide. "

- Timothy Cohn