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Steven Van Sickle

Date of Surgery: 4/23/2018
Update (9/2018): Steven is guiding again and preparing for an upcoming AMGA exam.

About Steven

In 2003, I hiked the Appalachian trail and discovered climbing towards the end of the trip. After the thru-hike I decided to go to school in New Mexico where I learned how to climb on the granite cliffs of the Sandia mountains above Albuquerque. I quickly realized that I wanted to guide for a living and went to Joshua Tree to take my first guide course. At the end of the course I was offered an internship at a guide service which gave me a foot in the door and I have been guiding throughout Colorado, Alaska, Utah, New Mexico and Asia ever since. Today I am based in Ouray, Colorado and am working hard to finish my IFMGA certification.

Career Background

Currently working through the AMGA guide track to become an IFMGA mountain guide. I have been guiding throughout Colorado, Utah, Alaska and China for the last 9 years and am almost finished with the process.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

In April 2018 after falling forty feet off a mixed pitch in Alaska and sustaining a bi- malleolar fracture I made my way to The Steadman Clinic in Vail, CO and received a unique operation called a “tightrope”, as well as a plate and screws. This relatively new technique shortened my recovery time and as a result I am now guiding again four months after the procedure. After transitioning from cast to boot, I began physical therapy at West End physical therapy in Norwood, CO. Although this has been a painful process, I am receiving the treatment that I need and nothing less.



"After a long fall and a painful broken ankle I flew home to Colorado to begin the challenging and stressful process of scheduling a surgery. I learned quickly that my health insurance was frustratingly inadequate for the procedure that I required; an all too common story. After learning that I would receive assistance from the Kees Brenninkmeyer for the operation, my outlook on the situation wholly improved and contributed greatly to my mental recovery as well as proper healing of my fibula. Because of the foundation paying for not only my surgery, but the necessary physical therapy, I am able to continue the course I have laid out for myself and finish the guide track program. My accident was nearly five months ago and I am now guiding again and preparing for an upcoming exam. I am so grateful for the assistance that I received and hope that others in my situation can find their way to this wonderful foundation. "

- Steven Van Sickle