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Richard Grimes

Date of Surgeries: 1/11/2019 and 2/22/2019
Displaced Patella Fracture
Update (11/2020): Richard has returned to ski instructing.

About Richard

I have lived and worked near Telluride, Colorado for the past 31 years. My family always skied. My Mother learned from her Father in Austria, he was a member of the Austrian Ski Troops in World War 1. I learned to ski at the age of 4.

Career Background

I started instructing at Loveland Basin as a teenager. After a hiatus in the grocery industry for many years, I returned to my ski school roots as a supervisor for Telluride Ski and Golf Resort. Thanks to KBF, I will be able to continue skiing and be able to instill passion for the sport in my staff and our guests.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

During a phenomenal snow year for the southern San Juans, I hit a log under the snow which threw me sideways into a tree. The impact broke my left knee cap in half. Two days later, I had an emergency surgery to wire the halves back together and begin healing. Six weeks into my recovery, I slipped on some icy stairs and broke my kneecap again. Two days later, I underwent a second emergency surgery with more wire to reinforce the kneecap. I began physical therapy and I am about 95% back after 7 months.


"The generosity and support of the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation was invaluable during the entire course of my injury, surgeries and rehabilitation. Removing the crippling financial burden that envelopes our healthcare system allowed me to return to work sooner, dedicate my energy to rehabilitation and come out of a difficult situation with renewed optimism and ready to ski."

- Richard Grimes