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Peter Novom

Date of Surgery: 04/24/2013
Update (10/2013): Peter is preparing for his return to instruct at Niseko Village Resort this winter.

pow shot_NOVOM

About Peter

I grew up surrounded by mountains and snow in southern New Hampshire, which was a source of joy and passion at a young age. I was lucky enough to find a job as a junior ski instructor at age 14.  This started as a part time job to get a ski pass but ultimately has become a career 17 seasons later I am still going.

Career Background

The biggest influence to my career would be the group lessons I took during a weekly school program. My family never really skied, we all loved the snow and the outdoors but my father being from LA and my mother from Atlanta they were inexperienced on skis. That combined with boundless hills to explore in my backyard, I was a lucky kid.  I have completed my Level 3 PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) and level 100 coach from USASA . In order to work in an SAJ (Ski Association of Japan) school I needed to obtain a level 1 and 2 from them as well.  So far I have worked in New Hampshire, Vermont, New Zealand and Japan. I have been lucky to teach people of all ages, backgrounds and upbringings. My students have ranged from seasoned little park rats to having never experienced snow in their lives!  I am currently working towards my Development Team (trainers) tryout. My goal is to be an Examiner for PSIA. Currently I am working for Niseko Village Resort in Hokkaido Japan, where I am employed as a ski instructor and staff trainer.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

With the skilled hands from Vermont Orthopedics they performed an ACL reconstruction using a graft from my hamstring. The recovery so far has been surprisingly easy. The arthroscopic techniques that they used were way less invasive than I imagined. My rehab plan will allow me to only miss the southern hemisphere winter. It is back to Japan in the fall for me!


"When I injured my ACL two years ago I simply assumed that I would have to find a way to live with my injuries and perhaps not continue my path as a ski instructor. I am forever grateful for everything the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation has helped me accomplish with their financial support."

- Peter Novom