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Miranda Hicks

Date of Surgeries: 6/11/2018 and 12/10/2018
Knee (Staged ACL Repair)
Update (8/2020): Miranda will return to her position with the Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School this Winter.

About Miranda

My name is Miranda Hicks, born and raised in Eagle County, home to Vail, Colorado. I grew up skiing and snowboarding on Vail and Beaver Creek’s mountains since before I could walk. Once I was old enough (15 years old) I started working in the ski and snowboard school and have continued every year since. I was lucky enough to follow winter to many resorts in other states as well as internationally to New Zealand. If I’m not chasing winters I work as a whitewater raft guide in the summer time.

Career Background

I started my outdoor career at 18 years old as a Snowboard Instructor and Whitewater Raft Guide. In college I based my major off the jobs I already had, majoring in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism from Colorado State University. After college I continued these jobs part-time while I worked for an outdoor company working with kids 28-30 day long trips in the outdoors. After college I continued my education through certification. Certifications like WFR(Wilderness First Responder), Wilderness EMT, Swift Water Rescue Certified, PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) certified Alpine Instructor, AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) certified Snowboard Instructor as well as an Adaptive certified instructor. I have received multiple honors like, a scholarship to National Academy for PSIA/AASI, awarded Kid’s Snowboard Instructor of the Year from Cardrona Ski Field in New Zealand, Epic Service award from Vail Resorts, and Spirit of Beaver Creek award. I currently have moved back to my hometown of Eagle, Colorado and work a full time, year round 10 month position for Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School and at least 2 months with Timberline Tours (long time Vail based whitewater rafting company).

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

I had my first of 2 planned surgeries June 11th, 2018 and my second surgery on December 10th 2018.

    • 2 surgeries (making this the 5th surgery I’ve had on this knee):
      • Hardware removal and bone graft
      • ACL repair, LCL repair and complex meniscus repair
    • 6 months for 1st surgery and 1 year for 2nd surgery equating to 1 year and a half in total.
    • Rehabilitation plan was slow and long starting with seeing PT at Howard Head 3-4 times a week to once every other week in the last month leading up to the sports test. I worked hard at the Howard Head clinic with the amazingly patient and knowledgeable Physical Therapists and I did my exercises at home. I started my second surgery non-weight bearing for 8 week and slowly progressed from there.
    • I did have a complication in my 1st surgery called Negative Pressure Pulmonary Edema which means I had fluid in my lungs and ended up in the ICU for ~2.5-3 days having trouble breathing, but that didn’t slow down recovery once I got back home and to P.T.
    • From the 1st surgery it took 18 months to get back on snow and feel stronger than I did before my surgeries.


"With the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation, I benefitted more than I can explain. From the help of Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation and Dr. Hackett’s team, I was able to recover better than I thought. With the help of Kees I was able to attend all P.T. appointments till the end of my recovery without the stress of the cost from back to back surgeries. After going through a big test of patience and strength I found myself supported by so many including Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for me."

- Miranda Hicks