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Mikey Hovey

Date of Surgery: 2/5/2016
Leg Hardware Removal Surgery
Update (5/2017): Mikey returned to skiing and guiding this past winter.

About Mikey

My name is Mikey Hovey and currently I live in Vail, CO where I grew up.  Six years ago I was spending winter in France during which I shattered my lower leg. The initial recovery went well, but the three screws that were left in my leg continued to bother me, especially while skiing.  I so desired to get the screws removed but finances were tight, yet the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation provided the solution to help end my pain.

Career Background

I have a strong passion for being in the mountains and along the way found that I truly enjoyed sharing the mountains with others so I became a guide.  I mainly work in Alaska and these days usually work in film production and have worked with great companies like Matchstick Productions, True Color films, Poor Boyz Productions and Teton Gravity Research.  Skiing has taken me to many places in the world, where I have met amazing people and had incredible experiences.  I feel it is in the mountains that you learn the truth about yourself.  I plan to continue guiding and hope that it continues to inspire and motivate.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

The surgery removed the three remaining screws that were in my Tibia.  It was really the rehab and physical therapy that came after the surgery that helped me breakthrough to another level.  The amount of scar tissue that existed because of the 4 surgeries was significant but with constant effort and a lot of work everything is feeling great and I am skiing as we speak.


"I thought I was just going to have to suck it up and deal with the pain. But with Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation’s help that all changed. With the screws gone I no longer have nausea inducing vibrations that would run through my leg. With extensive, intensive therapy we were able to reduce scar tissue, reestablish mobility and stability and I now feel that I am a better athlete than I have ever been. The enjoyment of the rehab process coupled with everything I learned has inspired me to add physical training as a form of injury prevention and rehabilitation to my resume. "

- Mikey Hovey