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Lowell Hart

Date of Surgery: 5/9/2011 and 7/20/2011
Bilateral Knees
Update (5/2012): Lowell Hart finished this past winter successfully. He remains optimistic and continues to stay focused with his physical training.

About Lowell

Lowell Hart lives and works in Vail, Colorado during the winter months. Summers are often spent guiding—on foot, mountain bike, or in a raft. Lowell enjoys combining sports instruction and adventure guiding with writing and photography, and is always keen to embark on a new adventure.

Career Background

A snowboarder since well before ski areas allowed riders on the hill (when you had to hike for every one of your turns and every day was a backcountry adventure), Lowell has long contributed to the development of the sport. In addition to helping countless people have fun on their boards, Lowell has directed snowboard schools, served as an instructor trainer/examiner, and has twice been selected to the PSIA/AASI National Snowboard Team. He has written books and many articles about the sport, and has received Educational Excellence and Lifetime Membership awards from PSIA/AASI. In addition to instructing in New Zealand during the summer months, Lowell has worked guiding mountain biking, hiking, climbing, and raft trips to Canada, Ireland, and destinations across the USA.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

Both knees were treated for torn menisci and related damage. Rx: Physical therapy at Howard Head Sports Medicine in Vail for the last six months, continuing through the winter. I’m stoked to once again have healthy knees and looking forward to much higher levels of performance and fun, this winter and beyond.


"KBF support has helped immeasurably through two knee surgeries and rehab. The doctors are world-class and the staff at Howard Head knowledgeable and helpful. The Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation has been exceptional: attentive, caring, and always available to help with any questions. I’m extremely grateful and appreciative for KBF help and support and look forward to resuming my career in snowsports instruction and guiding."

- Lowell Hart