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Kathy Prophet

Date of Surgery: 12/6/2011
Update (12/2013): Kathy completed a half Ironman last summer and continues to instruct at Mont Tremblant.

About Kathy

I currently live in Mont Tremblant, Quebec with my husband and three children. I am a passionate skier that continues to give certification courses for the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, teach private ski lessons and coach young racers. During the summer months I enjoy working as a landscaper, wood worker and have also worked as a tennis and water ski instructor. I am an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys all sports.

Career Background

I moved to Mont Tremblant for the skiing and became established at Gray Rocks, which was ranked as the number 1 ski school in North America for many years. While at Gray Rocks, I taught ski weeks, worked as the Technical Director and Supervisor of Ski Week Operations. I have always had an active roll in the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance for most of my skiing career, I served on the Technical Committee, been selected as a member of the Canadian Demonstration team and work as an instructor trainer/course conductor at the Level IV level. I have been very fortunate that my work in skiing has allowed me to ski at many different ski areas around the world.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

On December 6, 2011 the Steadman Hawkins Clinic did an ACL Allograft, MCL Healing Response and cleaned up some cartilage in my right knee. Physical Therapy started the day following surgery and I am continuing physical therapy twice a week at home in Mont Tremblant. Countless hours are spent at home on the stationary bike, the treadmill and a list of exercises designed to regain the range of motion and muscular strength. Although I can’t ski this winter, I will be back stronger and more enthusiastic next winter.


"If something seems too good to be true, it usually is, well, this may be the one exception! From the moment I heard about the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation from The Steadman Clinic and all the way through to post surgery and rehabilitation I have received exceptional medical treatment. This included an excellent level of communication and accessibility from the Steadman Clinic staff. The Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation was always available and eager to answer questions and their attention to detail allowed for a speedy resolution. It ís hard to adequately express my gratitude for the incredible opportunity I was provided. I will always be grateful to the KBF for the generosity and support that I received."

- Kathy Prophet