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Gabriel Mazur

Date of Surgery: 6/14/2019
Hardware Removal Surgery
Update (10/2019): Gabriel has returned to guiding full-time.

About Gabriel

Gabriel Mazur, IFMGA guide from Czechia. I grew up surrounded by mountains, so climbing, skiing was always part of my life. My work stretches between European Alps, Southern Alps of New Zealand, Himalaya, Andes… It varies between summer alpinism and ski mountaineering related work. I do not have a fixed place where I would live, but follow the mountains and seasons.

Career Background

My work experience was always related to working with people. I started in mental health, then become climbing instructor and coach, then followed IFMGA training. Partnering up with others in the mountains and sharing amazingness is my main motivation. I love guiding in Himalaya, and would love to experience expeditions to Antarctica and 8000m peaks.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

I had a spiral fracture of tib/fib. I had metal insert and this allowed me to return to work 7 months after the injury. 1 year after the injury I had the metal removed from my leg, being able to return to action 10 days after the removal. I will keep on with physio for long time, to keep it happy as long as I can.


"Help from the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation allowed me to fully engage with physio-therapy after my hardware removal surgery. This greatly improved my chances of a swift return to professional activities."

- Gabriel Mazur