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Demi Rann

Date of Surgery: 4/6/2016
Update (7/2017): Demi made a full career return to ski instructing last winter in Canada!

About Demi

I have been living in the mountains all over the world for five winters now. I am currently living in Whistler, Canada and hope to settle here for the next few years. I am originally from Bundaberg, QLD, Australia where obviously the snow is scarce! I learned to ski at six years old at Thredbo Ski Resort, and when I completed my first year of university, moved to Kananaskis Country, Alberta. I quickly fell in love with skiing again, established a new found passion for snowboarding and decided the mountain’s is where I needed to be. I stayed in Alberta for two years and moved back to Australia to complete my degree. Once I graduated and worked in my field, graphic design, for about 18 months, I decided I wasn’t happy in Brisbane and moved to Mt Hotham in Victoria. I took my Level 1 ski certification and became a ski instructor! I was then offered a job in Japan and obtained my Level 1 snowboard certification. During my season in Japan is when I tore my ACL, however I am back in the mountains now in Canada again and more ready than I’ve ever been to get back out there!

Career Background

As a freelance graphic designer, I really enjoy what I do; however it is not my passion. My passion is teaching children to ski or snowboard. My overall goal is to combine the two of these career choices and be able to live in an environment I am most happy. I hope to continue gaining certification in both ski and snowboard instruction, and avalanche training to become more aware of the hazards both in my own skiing and during lessons.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

I underwent an ACL repair using a hamstring tendon graft in April 2016. I wore a splint for approximately 2 weeks and walked with crutches during that time and an additional 2 days after the splint was taken off. I had weekly physio appointments for the next 6 months where I had treatment and performed exercises. I performed these exercises at home everyday until I was able to ride a bike at about 6 weeks. At about 3 months I started to jog, use weights and do yoga and pilates to improve my flexibility and stretch. I am now at 8 months post surgery and hope to ski and snowboard next month.



"The Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation were incredible. I definitely would not be where I am today, if it weren't for the assistance that they provided. I was rejected by my travel insurance as the injury was sustained during work, and my work insurance was not 100% reliable. The largest benefit the Foundation provided was the ability to continue my season in Japan, see an amazing physio at no cost to me once a week, which allowed me to get back on skis within 3 weeks. I was able to book a surgeon close to home, who I was comfortable with, and recover in the comfort of my family's home. I was able to see another incredible physio also with no cost to me, until my departure to Canada. I can't imagine the additional stress and financial burden that would have put on me and my family if I had not been supported by the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation, and I am forever grateful."

- Demi Rann