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David “Dogger” Hidalgo

Date of Surgery: 7/17/2012
Bilateral Knee Replacements
Update (2/2013): David is currently instructing and cannot believe he's not experiencing any pain.


About David

I was born in Denver CO and first went skiing in my senior year of high school. No lessons, just friends trying to teach me. I fell in love with the sport, was an avid self-learner and skied as much as I could through college.  After graduation and no luck at finding a job in my profession of Electrical Engineering, I moved to Crested Butte, CO to try my hand at ski instruction.  I became enthralled with the teaching profession and decided to make this passion my career.  After 40 years of teaching I am still learning and sharing.

Career Background

I started teaching in 1973 in Crested Butte, CO.  I achieved my full certification after my second year of teaching and decided to pursue the path of an educator with PSIA-RM. I loved teaching and sharing with others and had one of the highest request rates in the ski school.  I began to move up the ranks and became the Assistant Ski School Director, then a Divisional Clinic Leader for PSIA-RM and then Examiner as short time thereafter. In 1994 I moved to Montana for a year and became the Ski School Director for Red Lodge Mountain.  My next career step was moving to Steamboat Springs CO where I was the Executive Director of PSIA-RM for eight years.  I currently live in Longmont, CO and work at Arapahoe Basin as a trainer and instructor as well as still being active in the examiner ranks for PSIA-RM.

Treatment Procedure and Recovery Plan

On July 17, 2012 I had double knee replacement (both at the same time).  I can’t say enough about the treatment and facilities afforded me.  It is such a thrill to not be in pain!  The recovery required dedication every day, but with the help of therapists and encouragement from my wife I was able to ski and attend PSIA-RM Examiner training at 3 ½ months post op.  I am still working on building strength and increasing flexibility.




"I can’t thank the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation enough! I was struggling with the idea that I would have to give up my passion in the ski instruction profession due to the pain in both knees and not having any insurance at the time. Thanks to a friend, Jerry Berg, I was put in touch with the foundation. Never in my wildest dreams did I think they would cover the expense of the entire operation and recovery therapy! The staffs at the Steadman Clinic, Joint Replacement Center, and Porter Hospital were exceptional. I will always be extremely thankful for this blessing awarded me. "

- David “Dogger” Hidalgo