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Key Criteria and Practices

The Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation is a non-profit resource for alpine industry professionals seeking orthopedic medical care.

Mission Statement

To financially assist alpine guides, patrollers, or instructors who require surgery in order to continue their careers.

Our Practices

The Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation provides an unbiased determination of a candidate’s eligibility for financial assistance. Evaluation of financial circumstance, professional memberships, career history, future career intentions, and injury treatment plan are primary factors in the assessment of eligibility. All arrangements will be determined on a per case basis to best provide for a successful outcome that allows for a limitless return to an alpine career.

Key Criteria

  • Career threatening injury (chronic or acute).
  • Documentation supporting career and/or career intent within the guiding, patrolling, or instructing organization.
  • Medical expenses related to injury would present a considerable financial hardship.

Featured Testimonial

"For years, I experienced the decline of my right knee. Started doing less of the things I love, because of pain. After previous knee surgeries, it was inevitable that I needed a replacement. I had a lot of fear surrounding the surgery, and then found out about the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation. Now I am saying the classic, “that I wished I had got it done sooner”. I am so happy and pleased to say that my knee feels great. I have returned to work in full capacity, and am exceptionally excited about winter this year. Got my life back!"

- Patricia Morrison

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