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Critères Essentiels

Aider financièrement les moniteurs, sauveteurs et guides de la haute montagne qui ont besoin de soins chirurgicaux pour pouvoir poursuivre leur carrière.


Aider financièrement les moniteurs, sauveteurs et guides de la haute montagne qui ont besoin de soins chirurgicaux pour pouvoir poursuivre leur carrière.

Critères Essentiels

1. Blessure entraînant l’incapacité de travail (chronique ou aigue).
2. Documents prouvant la carrière ou l’intention de carrière en tant que moniteur, sauveteur ou guide.
3. Frais médicaux liés à la blessure entraînant des difficultés financières considérables.

Nos Procédures

La Fondation Kees Brenninkmeyer détermine de façon indépendante l’éligibilité d’un candidat à une aide financière. L’évaluation des conditions financières, l’appartenance professionnelle, l’historique de carrière et les intentions de carrière, ainsi que le projet de traitement de la blessure, sont les critères essentiels pour l’évaluation de l’égibilité. Tous les arrangements sont définis au cas par cas afin d’assurer le meilleur résultat en vue d’un retour sans limite à une carrière dans le secteur de la haute montagne.

Featured Testimonial

"Because my wife and I have always lived in what could be considered a “fiscally responsible” lifestyle – always maintaining adequate health insurance and an emergency fund – we probably could have seen our way through covering medical and prescription costs during the period when I was recovering. However, knowing the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation was there backing us up made a huge difference in relieving the amount of stress we felt around the surgery. We were able to put all our energy into both preparing for surgery and then regaining full recovery in the shortest amount of time. Though the financial support we received was tremendous, what was most important about the KBF were the “background intangibles.” My soul has been refreshed to know there are people and groups out there that truly care about other human beings. Sometimes with the way today's news is, we forget that there's a lot of good and that great and wonderful things happen in the world too. The Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation completely fits that role. That more than anything has made me want to be more compassionate, to give back more, to be the best person I can be. I know those are all cliches, but they're true. The KBF gave me so much more than just a new hip. You are all super stars!!"

- Andy Lapkass

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