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Critères Essentiels

Aider financièrement les moniteurs, sauveteurs et guides de la haute montagne qui ont besoin de soins chirurgicaux pour pouvoir poursuivre leur carrière.


Aider financièrement les moniteurs, sauveteurs et guides de la haute montagne qui ont besoin de soins chirurgicaux pour pouvoir poursuivre leur carrière.

Critères Essentiels

1. Blessure entraînant l’incapacité de travail (chronique ou aigue).
2. Documents prouvant la carrière ou l’intention de carrière en tant que moniteur, sauveteur ou guide.
3. Frais médicaux liés à la blessure entraînant des difficultés financières considérables.

Nos Procédures

La Fondation Kees Brenninkmeyer détermine de façon indépendante l’éligibilité d’un candidat à une aide financière. L’évaluation des conditions financières, l’appartenance professionnelle, l’historique de carrière et les intentions de carrière, ainsi que le projet de traitement de la blessure, sont les critères essentiels pour l’évaluation de l’égibilité. Tous les arrangements sont définis au cas par cas afin d’assurer le meilleur résultat en vue d’un retour sans limite à une carrière dans le secteur de la haute montagne.

Featured Testimonial

"I cannot find perfect words to explain how thankful I am for all the assistance I received from the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation, Without the foundation's support, I probably would have had my hands cut off in Nepal and maybe I would have died from infection. Because of this foundation, I was able to come to the United States and have both my hands treated by Dr. Viola at The Steadman Clinic in Vail. All of my fingers and most of my thumbs had to be amputated. I returned to Nepal on December 25, 2018, after 16 months of treatment in Vail, CO. I returned feeling very grateful, strong and ready for the next chapter of my new life. My hands are scarred and look very different than before my incident, but I can use them very well. I just have to be careful about future frostbite. I can tie into a climbing harness; my legs and the rest of my body are now very strong again and I just learned to ski. While I was getting medical treatment, I learned more English, how to use a computer and met many great people. I will use these new skills to continue learning and to develop my business. My future is very good because the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation made it possible for me to get the best possible medical treatment. Their support has helped me to believe in myself and to know I can support myself and my family. THANK YOU to everyone with the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation for all that you have done for me! I promise to honor your investment in me by becoming the very best that I can and hopefully someday I can give back to help others in the spirit that you have helped me. "

- Dawa "Sange" Sherpa

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