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    Featured Testimonial

    "As a full-time mountain guide, I’ve lived life on the financial edge for as long as I can remember, always thinking I’d get ahead eventually. Becoming a fully certified (IFMGA) mountain guide was one of the best career choices I’ve made, though it put me in significant debt. The moment I injured my knee I knew I was in trouble as I was looking at a minimum of 6 months without work (and the reality has actually been 9 months out of work). Thanks to my husband’s job I do have health insurance but I’m grateful that the KBF stepped in to cover all of my deductible, out-of -pocket expenses, and 6 months of physical therapy — not insignificant expenses! Without this invaluable assistance, I would have been forced into even greater debt and likely would have had to reconsider my career as a guide. The existence of the Kees Brenninkmeyer Foundation is a huge beacon of light for those of us who end up injured in a career that demands a healthy body but often at a wage that doesn’t allow room for error. "

    - Emilie Drinkwater

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